Our Mission

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of national important diseases in Taiwan. In terms of national top ten causes of death, CKD steadily ranks No.7~ No.8. Unobvious early symptom of CKD always results the postponement of hospitalization from the public’s recognition rate lower than 10% or limited knowledge about this disease. Clinically, patients commonly don’t know they suffered from CKD, and lack knowledge or have wrong recognition of kidney diseases, hide sickness for fear of treatment or prefer folk prescription, so that they may delay state of illness and miss valuable timing for early treatment, causing the needs of kidney dialysis therapy. In recent years, the disease from chronic kidney to end-stage renal disease (uremia) has been the most painful of all Taiwan’s national, and greatly threaten their health. Because occurrence rate and the prevalence rate of CKD currently rank No.1 in the world, the reinforcement of health educational propaganda and prevention through the establishment of Kidney Diseases Prevention Foundation is urgently required in addition to efforts from medical care personnel of the government authority and Taiwan Society of Nephrology.


●Provide and educate the patients and public with the propaganda of knowledge, treatment and prevention relating to kidney diseases.  

● Provide kidney disease screening service and actively concern for basic community and minority group.

●Encourage and cultivate the relevant domestic researchers to engage in kidney-related disease prevention and research work.

●Connect specialist physician in domestic medical system and improve medical technology and quality through communication between domestic and foreign medical research.   

●Provide communication platform between basic medical institutions and the relevant academic units for kidney and the related disease knowledge and enhance overall medical level, so as to improve our national kidney health.

●Final purpose: Eliminate new national disease – kidney disease

●Actively care for nephritic patients and assist medical institutions to provide comprehensive medical services, such as screening, health education (including written form, media, newspaper/magazine, lecture, digital learning and seminar, etc.), transfer treatment and tracking in remote areas and minority groups other than the metropolitan areas.   

●Reinforce the functions of kidney patient club, regularly held health educational courses for kidney and related diseases and provide patients with experience exchange space.

●Provide online consultation and health educational services for kidney disease information, along with the propaganda of various health educational booklets and digital teaching materials, etc.

●Epidemiology statistic, annual statement and data analysis for community kidney disease are linked for public announcement. 

●Participate in and assist clinical and trial study in several domestic medical centers.

●Plan and assist in the implementation of occupational education and domestic/foreign seminar relating to kidney diseases, so as to improve care ability of doctors and nurses towards kidney disease.