Organizational Structure

The foundation, a non-profit juristic institution aims to facilitate the prevention and care as well as teaching research for kidney diseases. The foundation has one chairman of the board, 15 directors and 5 supervisors without remuneration for 3 years tenure, who can be re-elected for another term of office. The current directors will mutually elect one chairman of the board to represent the foundation and take charge of foundation affairs.


The 2nd register of directors for Kidney Diseases Prevention Foundation

Tenure: Jan.6, 2015~Jan.5, 2018

President  Hung, Hsiu-Chu    

Director   Fang, Ji-TsengWang, Chuan-Chuan Wu, Zhi-Xiong Wu, Mei-Yi Chiou, Hung-Yi 

Lin, Hsiao-Yi Su, Yung-Ho Chen, Tzen-Wen Chen, Han-Hsiang Hwang, Shang-Jyh

          Chang, Kao-Xiang Tsai, Su-Ling Lu, Kuo-Cheng Liao, Qing-Hui

Supervisor  Pai Pi-YU Chen, Pey-Rong Chang, Hang Yang, Yu Yen, Wen-Yuan


The prevention kidney disease is great helpful for our health. Kidney disease is an “invisible” disease as its initial symptoms were not obvious until people are in the state of kidney dialysis caused by obvious deviations. To our surprise, kidney disease presently ranks No.7 in the list of national top 10 causes of death; however, general public hardly understand how terrible kidney disease is. In this respect, we should strongly promote to make people know how to expel kidney disease. I deeply appreciated that Professor Lin, Yu-Feng, the former director general of Taiwan Society of Nephrology tried his effort to sponsor the establishment of “Kidney Diseases Prevention Foundation”smoothly. Professor Lin has been diligent in serving the basic level to promote the concept of prevention rather than cure. I have the honor to hold the post of the first chairman, hoping to combine the power of more experts, scholars and enthusiastic people through this public benefit platform, so as to converge people’s love to contribute money and labor, which can reinforce the foundation’s strength for full development of prevention propaganda. Expect the foundation to become guardian angel of our kidneys, working together to eliminate new national disease – kidney disease!           

Chairman’s Background:

Current post
●Teacher with additional post of director of discipline and director of academic affairs in Hsiufeng and Panchiao Junior High School and Overseas Chinese Senior High School 
●team leader of Committee of Woman Affairs of KMT Taipei County Party Headquarter, editor of KMT Taiwan Province Party Headquarter
● Deputy director of Committee of Youth Affairs/ Committee of Woman Affairs, deputy director of Legislative Yuan Affairs Commission of Policy Committee, deputy executive director of Policy Committee of KMT Central Party Headquarter
●1st~7th legislator
●KMT Central Standing Committee memeber


●Deputy secretary general with additional post of chairman of Discipline Committee of KMT Central Committee
●Director general of Loving Heart Alliance for Minority Group, ROC
●Director general of World Folk Dance Association, ROC
●Chairman of Kidney Disease Prevention Foundation, ROC

CKD has not obvious symptom in early and medial stages, so that people’s recognition rate (3.5%) is low and prevalence rate (12%) is high. It has become a national disease after liver disease. There have been more than 60,000 kidney dialysis patients, exceeding medical costs NT$30billion. Therefore, all-people movement of kidney disease allows no delay. CKD could be prevented and cured. As early as 2003, Taiwan Society of Nephrology has cooperated with Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare to establish kidney disease health promotion agencies in medical institutions throughout Taiwan, which have exceeded hundreds of agencies; National Health Insurance Administration also cooperated with Taiwan Society of Nephrology to successively start “End Stage Renal Disease and Early Stage Preventive Plan and Patient Health Education Plan ”and “National Health Insurance Improvement Project for Early Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Medical Expenses”, setting up CKD as well as dialysis database, with spectacular results; occurrence rate of CKD is increasingly slowdown which the countries of the world highly praise our care monitoring of nationwide cases and come to learn from us. Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry and Taiwan Society of Nephrology have developed nationwide CKD preventive plan since 2008 to explore dangerous and predisposing factor of CKD, establishing kidney disease database to provide preventive policy for the government with annual report and national epidemic disease information. CKD prevention is now a national movement, and thus in addition to the efforts from the government, medical institutions and associations, establishing Kidney Diseases Prevention Foundation to assist in the promotion of all-people knowledge about kidney diseases and the related prevention, furthermore, the prevention from occurrence and deterioration of kidney disease are our mission.Fortunately, we obtained Mr. & Mrs. President Chang’s funds assistance to establish the foundation after I held the post of director general of Taiwan Society of Nephrology for one term, and sincerely invited Hung, Hsiu-Chu, vice president of Executive Yuan, who has good image and strong executive force as foundation chairman. With president Change and vice president Hung’s encouragement, we follow the example of Liver Disease Prevention Foundation to construct the website, recruit members and volunteers and start a drive for donations and nationwide (including remote areas and offshore islands) health education activities. Everything is difficult at the start, but we need everybody’s support with money and labor to promote CKD prevention and continuously improve people’s knowledge, so as to reduce occurrence rate of CKD and prevalence rate of dialysis year by year. 


Background of CEO

Current post
●Academic deputy director of Taipei Medical University, Shuang Ho Hospital
●Director of Clinical Medicine Institute of Taipei Medical University
●Deputy director of Medicine Dept. of Taipei Medical University
●Managing director of Taiwan Society of Nephrology
●CEO of Kidney Diseases Prevention Foundation

●Director of Academic Affairs Division and professor of general medicine of National Defense Medical Center
●Director of poison center, nephrology dept. and general medicine dept. of Tri-Service General Hospital
●Director general of Taiwan Society of Nephrology
●Researcher of clinical toxicology of the University of Virginia, USA  
●President of Teh-Tzer Study Group for Human Medical Research Foundation
●President of Su-Hsiang Charity Foundation