Glomerular Filtration Rate

We can use the "filament filtration rate" to understand how to judge the five stages of chronic kidney disease. The five stages of chronic kidney disease use "GFR" (glomerular filtration rate value) to judge your kidney function. Just enter your age, gender and "Creatinine" (serum creatinine) value to calculate your Kidney function:

Glomerular filtration rate value= (MDRD-Simplify-GFR)

186 X Serum creatinine Scr -1.154 X Age -0.203
Your gender:

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The five stages of chronic kidney disease use "GFR" (glomerular filtration rate value) to judge your kidney function, and GFR must consider your age, gender and "CR" (serum creatinine)



When kidney function is abnormal, there are different diet plans according to different symptoms and complications. When not receiving dialysis therapy, you must properly limit protein, maintain sufficient caloric intake, limit water, and pay attention to the balance of electrolytes in the body to reduce the occurrence of urinary protein and edema and reduce the burden on the kidneys.

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About us

  • Provide and educate patients and the public about the awareness, treatment and prevention of kidney disease.
  • Provide kidney disease screening services and take the initiative to care for grassroots communities and disadvantaged groups.
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  • Combining with specialists in the domestic medical system, and through the exchange of domestic and foreign medical research, improve medical technology and quality.
  • Provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge about kidneys and related diseases between primary medical institutions and related academic institutions to improve the overall medical level and improve the health of the kidneys of our country.
  • The ultimate goal: to eliminate the new country's disease-kidney disease.