Origin of Establishment

Chronic kidney disease is one of the most significant health issues among the citizens of our country. In terms of the top ten causes of death, chronic kidney disease consistently ranks from ninth to tenth place. Due to its inconspicuous early symptoms, public awareness of this disease is less than 10%. People's knowledge about this condition is extremely limited, often leading to delayed medical treatment. It's common in clinical practice to encounter patients who are unaware of their chronic kidney disease, have insufficient or incorrect understanding of kidney diseases, or have misconceptions that deter them from seeking medical care. This can lead to a worsening of their condition, missing the valuable opportunity for early treatment, and eventually requiring kidney dialysis. From chronic kidney disease to end-stage renal disease (uremia), it has been a significant burden on the health of our Taiwanese citizens in recent years, posing a substantial threat to public health. Given that the incidence and prevalence of chronic kidney disease are currently the highest globally, in addition to the efforts of governmental agencies and all healthcare professionals in the nephrology field, the establishment of a Kidney Disease Prevention and Treatment Foundation is an urgent matter to enhance health education, advocacy, and prevention.

Mission of Establishment

  • To provide education for patients and the general public regarding understanding, treatment, and prevention of kidney diseases.
  • To offer kidney disease screening services and proactively care for grassroots communities and vulnerable groups.
  • To encourage and foster domestic researchers engaged in the prevention, treatment, and research of kidney-related diseases.
  • To collaborate with specialized doctors within the domestic medical system and enhance medical techniques and quality through international and domestic medical research exchanges. To establish a platform for communication of kidney and related disease knowledge among primary healthcare institutions and relevant academic units, elevating the overall medical standards and promoting kidney health among our citizens.

Business Scope

  1. Screening and Health Education: Provision of screening and health education activities across various regions in Taiwan.
  2. Kidney-Friendly Cuisine: Nutrition for Healthy Kidneys Basic courses on low-protein diets, portion control, recipe design competitions.
  3. Kidney Power Classroom: Elementary school health education lectures, themed drawing competitions.
  4. Digital Resources: Health education videos, electronic low-protein recipe resources.